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Shop Fabrication
  • Fabrication of Stainless and Carbon Steel Tanks

  • Platforms, Handrails, Stairs and Ladders                                            

  • Custom Conveyors

  • Augers and Auger Repair

  • Hoppers, Chutes, Trays, Liners, and Troughs                                     

  • Hoods and Shields                                                                                 

  • Custom Floor Drains, Trench Liners, and Gratings                         

  • Square to Round Transitions, Funnels, and Reducers                                 

  • Specialty Fittings, Flanges, and Adaptors                                    

  • Food Production Equipment Repair and Retrofit

  • Custom Food Production Fabrication                                                   

  • Module Fabrication

  • Grinding and Polishing to 3A Sanitary Standards

  • Machining and Waterjet Cutting Services 

  • Plate Shearing and Bending up to 1/2” CS and 3/8” SS

  • AutoCad Drafting Services/Layouts                                             

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